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Welcome! Echo & Bounce is an independent record store, cafe and community space, nestled in an old building in Woolloongabba, Meanjin (Brisbane). We're a place to explore and share, and we facilitate a range of events across music and arts.

We're small, music-loving, and community-centred collective, and we're passionate about shared experiences and the cultures that grow through music and art. We'll use this site to platform great music from around Australia and the globe, facilitate collaboration and learning, and celebrate actions, stories and movements as we go.


A masterful outing from local wunderkind Charlie Hill. Impossibly elegant arrangements and some clever sampling, the record is firmly rooted in contemporary house territory, with flashes of cosmic jazz arrangements and above all is imbued with a wide eyed, innocent sense of beauty. It is a sunset viewed through the eyes of a child. - JP
Super funky edit of a Gap Band classic, full of swaggering attitude and boogie rhythms. Yummy, and it just makes you feel cool y'know? - JP
Excellent edit of some classic soulful disco that just warms the heart. Very limited, so get on it! - JP
Uplifting, gospel tinged disco edit courtesy pf Darryn Jones. Hands in the air, peak time funkiness that just makes ya feel good.
Five excellent quirky peak time disco edits from the legendary Idjut Boys. These are assembled with loving care and respect to the originals, whilst adding a decidedly dubbed out, psychedelic touch, and give the tracks a bit more oomph. - JP
A stunningly transcendent release from local heroes Sampology & Charlie Hill. It's a rather diverse offering, with scattered moments of broken beat and cosmic jazz to boot, and imbued with that characteristic warmth that we have come to expect from Middle Name records. It sounds like the best version of Meanjin imaginable. - JP
An interesting mixed bag of goodies from New Zealand, exploring all corners of soundsystem music. Definitely rooted in dub, yet with explorations across the spectrum, including a bitta dubstep. Very nice. - JP
A gorgeously dubby slab of ultra deep introspective goodness on the ever consistent Companion. It's a distinctly psychedelic journey into the more cosmic side of the dancefloor, as we gently float over to the otherside. - JP
House straight from the deep end of the swimming pool from DJ Swella of the legendary Naarm-bsed Jam Hot crew. Very soulful jazzy vibes, perfect for the summer humdity. - JP
Ice cold, yet hauntingly beautiful downtempo masterpiece from the Naarm-based supergroup that is Acopia. Trip Hop textures and a post-punk sensibility result in darkly intriguing tales of toxic relationships on the backdrop of a city at night. - JP
A trip into a darkly seductive world of deep bass and immersive sounds. It's borderline otherworldly, and features a remix from Meanjin's favourite astronaut Axon Growth Factor. Brilliant! - JP

Our collective tastes span house, techno, balearic, dub, afro, uk, deep, chug, rave, minimal, breaks, after-hours, and on & on with so many sounds we haven't quite found the language for.

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We're always down with the deep and obscure, without forgetting what's bubbling to the surface too. If there's something you want that we don't have, please get in touch and we'll track it down for you (:

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