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Welcome! Echo & Bounce is an independent record store in an old, heritage building in Woolloongabba, Meanjin (Brisbane). We run events, and we're soon to be a weekday coffee house and a bar.

Our operation is small, music-loving, and community-centred, and we're passionate about the ever-expanding cultures surrounding music. We'll use this platform to explore great music from around Australia and the globe, facilitate sharing, and celebrate actions, stories and movements as we go.


Bumpin early 2000s indie electro vibes come thru on this fine release. There's a really quirky feel to a lot of the synth work, and the drums give off a bit of a Ladytron/ADULT kind of vibe. This is electro for punks, and recalls an era that frequently gets overlooked. - JP
Complete roller from NZ legend Nice Girl. It's a colouful, sexy excursion into lysergic trance territory, with brief moments of rest. We are propelled into the next dimension, or perhaps we've just done too much ket. Either way, it's a great journey. - JP
Detroit legend Marcellus Pittman comes thru with two absolute melters of deep emotive house. The a-side is more a straight up dfloor number with a super chunky groove, but the b-side is transcendently beautiful with its jazz inflections and colourful emotions. - JP
Brilliant piece of twisted bedroom pop. It pivots from corrupted nostalgic vibes to a certain darkness that calls to mind the likes of Tricky. A very interesting take on washed out indie pop. - JP
Irish producer Hammer delivers us three slabs of ultra tough italo sleaze. It's a modern interpretation for sure, as the tracks hit much harder than expected, but it's a cocaine fuelled fever cruise on the digital highway baby!!! - JP
Take a journey into the shadow dimension with this darkly psychedelic release on the inimitable Multi Culti.
A duo of cosmic reinterpretations of some DJ Koze classics. Very German, though both tracks are quite colourful and emotive, though the b-side does lean into more traditionally minimal territory. - JP
Mano Le Tough presents three effortless quirky remixes of some modern classics. Each track is full of the usual bells and whistle, and are each quite cosmic and deep while also managing a certain cheeky lightness to it. Lovely stuff. - JP
Ridiculous slab of Italian House that pivots from dreamy mid tempo to absolutely rolling rave bangers. Something for everyone. - JP
SOPHIE was a visionary, genius and icon, and her presence is sorely missed. With this record, we return to her first ever release. It's a joyous electro house affair, with an experimental edge. Life affirming stuff. - JP
We are slammed with a weapons grade bombardment of rolling leftfield techno bangers. Skee Mask is one of the most innovative artists of the modern era, and there's never a dull moment on his releases. - JP
We are presented with the more ambient side of Skee Mask on this release. It's a meditative, slightly melancholic journey into experimental territory, with some musique concrete elements. Contemplative stuff. - JP
Dark and wonky slab of UK goodness. It covers most concievable styles of bassy UK filthiness, and sort of sounds like walking down the wrong street in Bristol. - JP
Charming slab of UK techno that pivots between bass face slammers and brief moments of softer reverie. It's quite wonky and quirky, and would absolutely murder in any warehouse. - JP
We enter a world where lightning tempos interact with soft textures and melodies to create a unique space. There's a really proggy feel throughout, with a touch of Detroit and dub thrown in for good measure. - JP
Darkly enticing dub masterpiece from Pitch Black. It moves effortlessly through several strains of soundsystem music, and is an incredibly hypnotic listening experience. Pure brilliance. - JP
Excellent slab of lysergic disco that pivots between pure dfloor soul and the grimiest, most evil shit you've ever heard in your life. Pick your poison. - JP
It's 1991, you're lost in space, yet all is well. You close your eyes, and let let the warm musical tones wash over you. - JP

Our collective tastes span house, techno, balearic, dub, afro, uk, deep, chug, rave, minimal, breaks, after-hours, and on & on with so many sounds we haven't quite found the language for.

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We're always down with the deep and obscure, without forgetting what's bubbling to the surface too. If there's something you want that we don't have, please get in touch and we'll track it down for you (:

Meanjin/Brisbane Homies

‘The Year My Voice Broke’ marks the debut ep by Gurambilbarra local Nate Swan. Across his tracks, Nate displays a variety of textured sounds and field recording creating a cohesive and well-crafted project. The final two tracks include stellar remixes from Meanjin locals Lithe and Imitation Therapy, each going a vastly different direction.
Visions of teenage emotions from local artist Golden Vessel. Very dreamy and floaty, but underpinned by trap beats and a slight dance influence at times. - JP
BNE legend Jad & The joins forces with the awesome lable HAWS for this EP. Deep House meets Electro.....vibes
Oz funksteers Kerbside Collection join up with German imprint Legere records for this LP from 2018..... It's a beautiful collection of funked up tracks - impossible to sit still to.....go check out the crew in/around Meanjin/BNE
Another beautiful ambient release from Oz label Bedroom Suck Records. Super Warm and vibey
A truly enigmatic release from Brisbane pianist Robert Welsh. Released in 1986, the album is a unique fusion of the creators many influences, spanning from Debussey to Indian devotional music. - JP
Dubbed out local goodness for the chillers. - JP
BNE representing big time on this EP....Jad & The releases 4 cuts of pure dopeness on Centre Source......beautiful house music
Quality stuff from Brissie's own Penelope Two-Five and Centre Source Records. Deep classic house vibes

Australian Releases

An absolutely joyous record from Jennifer Loveless. It's firmly rooted in rave sensibilites, with excursions into filter house and trance at times. Beautiful stuff. - JP
Originally produced in 1997, Efficient Space have reissued Waak Waak Jungi's album Waak Waak Ga Min Min....Sprawling vocal/electronic soundscapes that reimagine the traditional songs of the Yolngu people of far-northern Australia.
WAT-Artists drop this super dope compilation of some solid collabs between some of Oz's sickest bands and producers.....genre agnostic, fresh af and beautifully pressed...TIP
A cosmic journey into the great beyond, with an organic feel that would be perfect in an outdoor setting. Eyes closed, head tilted up, lets get ready. - JP
Cosmic, soulful, jazzy goodness from Oz group 30/70. Awesome release!
An exploration into the forgotten history of Australian experimental music in the 1980s. From synthpop to ambient, there's never a dull moment. - JP
Butter Sessions mark their milestone 10th release with the worldwide debut of Consumer Watchdawgz, a collaboration between two mysterious figures from down under. Experience a techno expedition to the dry waves of the central desert and moist air in the eastern tropics, featuring dubbed out forward thinking rhythms and other-worldly electronics, for earth people
Furious Frank drops a couple of bangers on his Mind Dance Label out of Melbourne.... Driving, acieed infused techno with proper Electro and ol skool vibes.....solid shit..
dreamy, synthy blissed out ambient vibes......chilled
Dark experimental shit from Oz label Branch Points. Super heavy and spacey, lots of dubstep influence
More new techno from Oz label Butter Sessions..... Polito goes acieed techno - still deep but wild and heavy
B(if)tek were a pioneering electro-femme outfit from Australia active between 1996-2003. This album from 2000 touches on most genres between pop and acid techno - perfectly fitting their aesthetic and these are the last of the original presses
Diverse LP from Melbourne producer Air Max '97 that further blurs the line between Techno, Dubstep and Electro on the ever dependable 'Decisions' label

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