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Cosmic ozlearic dreams from Eora-based label Planet Trip. Smatterings of new-age afro-Carribean influences resulting in a vision projected upon humid summers and scorched earth. It feels like home. - JP
The second instalment in Young Marco's brilliant exploration of Italian dream house. It's a gorgeous collection of spaced out, chic house music for sunrises at the Pantheon. Stunningly beautiful. - JP
Super deep bassy techno cuts from Naarm-based Indigenous legend dj pgz. It's a super rhythmically diverse roller designed for mass destruction, and oozes with attitude and swagger. Perfect for deep introspection and stank faces. - JP
I honestly have no idea what the hell is going on here, but it's utterly bonkers and brilliant. - JP
Super proggy dance floor rollers on Gallery. They sit comfortably between house and techno, and have a slight trance dreaminess to them, and are incredibly colourful. A warehouse filmed in Technicolor. - JP
Super diverse slab of UKG that really covers every base. Surprisingly atmospheric at times, but definitely delivers proper dancefloor mayhem. Good times. - JP
The absolute don DJ Crisps comes through with another properly mad slab of soulful Garage goodness. Bit of a steppy bassline feel, but with all the appropriate vocal chops and some interesting rhythms throughout. Geezer shit. - JP
A delightful slab of indie dance rock from Mano Le Tough. It's a pretty quirky, emotive affair, with occasional forays into somewhat housier territory on the second disc. Overall, fun times. - JP
Solid slab of throwback dance rock goodness. It has a very distinct turn of the millenium NYC feel to it, with nods to electroclash and DFA adjacent sounds. Solid stuff. - JP
Two discs of ultra tough bassline goodness from the ever consistent Instinct. It's a bumpy ride and has huuuuge peak time energy, and sort of feels like getting smacked in the face. Gun finger material. - JP
An absolute tour de force from Studio Barnhus head honcho Axel Boman. It's a gorgeously diverse journey into colourful dance emotions, with an almost childlike sense of wonder felt throughout. The final disc is super dubby as well, and overall walks the line between joy and melancholy with grace. - JP
Super quirky yet somewhat dark collection of leftfield housey goodness. You're confused, a bit lost, and quite possibly have work in like five hours, but that doesn't matter. The music is more intriguing than reality. - JP
Toy Tonics has been somewhat maturing as of late, expanding beyond disco edits and into new realms of soulful dance territory. This EP is quirky as anything, with some super oddball rhythms and vibes that are guaranteed to make you smile. - JP
Some very VERY early Sia, full of nocturnal concrete soul vibes. Super jazzy garage stuff, with a real sense of melancholy throughout. It gives visions of cold winters in warm apartments, reminiscing on love lost. - JP
Excellent cut of soulful floating goodness on Ouie. The a-side sits firmly in soulful house territory, and warms the soul like nothing else. The b-side is pure euphoric breaks, with a minor sense of subtlety, and acts as pure emotional release. Awesome. - JP
Equal parts intense and chill, this is certainly one of the stranger records out there. It combines musique concrete with intense krautrock and cosmic psychedelia to create a truly unique gumbo of sound. - JP
Sometimes we all need a bit more of an organic feel on a dancefloor, and this release delivers that and more. Honestly, if you have an issue with jazz on the dancefloor, we can't be friends anymore. - JP
Very funky collection of re-works from the Toy Tonics dons. Super low slung groovers designed for the hips, all of which have a lovely warmth to them. The rendition of Gil-Scott Herons "The Bottle" is particularly choice. Yummy. - JP
Rolling minimal goodness as we are projected into some new semi-conscious state. There's a slightly fluffy element to this that makes it somewhat relaxing in a propulsive kind of way. The b-side is noticeably more direct, but isn't as dubby. - JP
Some thumpin 80s electro tunes
Very lovely slice of organ driven 90s techno. It's quite clean and belongs to an era where techno was not necessarily synonymous with intensity, and oozes with Sunday morning vibes. - JP
An ultra deep journey into very minimal territory. This is the sound of the endless party, and honestly has no business being played prior to 5 AM, but we love it all the more for this. Sacha Dive is a G. - JP
A selection of deep tech minimal rollers from the ever reliable Bondage Music. Pure head down afterhours vibezz
A brilliantly subversive debut album from Charlotte Adigery on the ever idiosyncratic Deewee. It's a mixture of sly social commentary and chuggy beats, culminating in a record that calls to mind some of the more self aware moments of Grace Jones and is one of the best releases this year. - JP
Ladies unt gentlemen, welcome to Sunday morning. It's a spacey house driven journey, one that provides guidance to the mildly confused, tired and inebriated. - JP
A brilliantly subversive debut album from Charlotte Adigery on the ever idiosyncratic Deewee. It's a mixture of sly social commentary and chuggy beats, culminating in a record that calls to mind some of the more self aware moments of Grace Jones and is one of the best releases this year. - JP
Very nice indietronica reissue from 2011. Pretty chill pop vibes throughout, and is very NME-core in its feel. Very much home listening material, or just a nostalgia trip for indie sleaze. - JP
Brilliant slab of afro-inflected chuggy goodness.
Bumpin early 2000s indie electro vibes come thru on this fine release. There's a really quirky feel to a lot of the synth work, and the drums give off a bit of a Ladytron/ADULT kind of vibe. This is electro for punks, and recalls an era that frequently gets overlooked. - JP

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